Our Mission

★ "Reaching new heights through education!" 

The American 102 Youth Foundation's primary focus is to assist students to obtain an education through partnerships, mentoring, leading to completion and graduation from high school. We desire to push young adults to the peak of success, through not only education, but entrepreneurship as well! We teach business management to help make our youth self-sufficient and able to enhance the local economy.

If we work together, we can prevent and/or reduce school age dropouts and help the local economy thrive!

Together, let's:

  • Identify factors that lead to drop outs through research/studies.
  • Identify students who will benefit from enrolling in program.
  • Build a team of individuals who understand, accept, and abide by the philosophy of the American 102 Youth Foundation, Inc.
  • Set measurable standards to assess effectiveness of overall program.
  • Seek funding to maintain the operation and incentives of the program.​​
  • Create an assisted funding for students accepted in a college.
  • Create employment/intern opportunities within the community.
  • ​Learn how to efficiently start up and develop individual businesses.
  • Learn how to manage and maintain up-start business endeavors.


American 102